• 22.12.2012 Berryville Bust Part Of $33M Cigarettes Sting

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  • 18.10.2012 No-smoking Policy For New Hires

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  • 10.09.2012 Court Upholds Big Award In Smoker's Case

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Fultondale Passes Gold Standard Of Smoking Ordinances

The Fultondale City Council adopted tonight what is being called the strongest smoking cigarettes ordinance in Jefferson County.

Effective Sept. 1, the ordinance prohibits smoking cigarettes in all enclosed public places in the city, including all workplaces, private clubs and bars.

The action was praised and called the "gold standard" of smoking cigarettes ordinances by the American Lung Association, the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and the Jefferson County Health Action Partnership.

Only 13 other cities in Alabama have similar smoking cigarettes ordinances and none are located in Jefferson or Shelby counties, said Kevin Burke, a spokesman for the American Lung Association.

Not everyone in Fultondale is pleased.

Four people spoke out against the ordinance at tonight's meeting, including a restaurant owner and Bill Steber, commander of the American Legion in Fultondale.

Steber said the American Legion was a private organization and only members were allowed through the doors. He said about 85 percent of the members, mostly veterans, smoked at the club.

John Douglas, owner of Home Field Sports Grill, said he questions why the city is taking action now, when the ordinance would only affect about five businesses in the city. He said he has been told for years that the city would not pass an ordinance until the state took action.

"I could handle a statewide ban," Douglas said. "But with the local ban, we are surrounded by communities and competition that allows smoking cigarettes. If I thought having a non-smoking cigarettes policy was good for my business, I would already be non-smoking cigarettes. This is just another example of government interference in private business. Nobody holds a gun to somebody's head and forces them into my place of business. People are there by choice."

There was no discussion by council members or Mayor Jim Lowery before the vote on the ordinance, which passed unanimously.

Previously, Lowery has said the city waited for the state to take action on the matter, but when that didn't happen, Fultondale needed a comprehensive smoking cigarettes ordinance in place.